Sunday, November 28, 2010


Here are my observations of Christmas.

1. Christmas - A Christian celebration recognizing the birth of Christ. In spite of the fact that the history documentation is clear that Jesus was born in September, the chosen day to recognize it is in December for whatever reason - fine - we had to pick a date, and mid-winter needed some joy so it works. Anyways, Christmas is celebrated around the world, often with some version of 'Santa Clause' who quite often takes on the physical persona of an old jolly man with white hair, a long beard, and rosy cheeks.

Interestingly, Santa Clause's origins go back to a man fasioned after the Norse God Woden (for whom Wednesday is named - it was originally Wodensday - hence the awkward spelling - I find it interesting that several days of our week, the things we fashion every part of our daily life around, are named for the Gods of a long-dead religion... just sayin').

How on earth Christians came to celebrate the birth of their saviour through the use of a man fasioned after a Viking God from 2000 years ago is beyond me...

Well thus concludes our history lesson of the day... I always thought Wednesday was spelled the way it was because someone, sometime long ago was drunk when they planned out the days of the week for us. Go figure.

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