Monday, April 23, 2012

April 2012 already?

Well I am going to take this blog back and start actually updating it.

 I plan to make this blog primarily about myself and my medical updates for family etc. The other blog ( I will leave for Brandon and Tyler's updates should I need it down the road.
I won't update it much (I hope!!) as they are both very well.

 So - Back to me. ;)

This will be fairly short and sweet.

 I am in remission.

 I have been so for about a month now.

 It's bliss.

 I'm eating just about all my calories and this past week have drank most of my fluids.

 I've come off several medications, and am officially able to drive as I'm no longer on the combination of meds that made it a serious issue (turns out maxing out on benadryl, gravel, dilauded, fentanyl, and occasionally wine makes you fairly sleepy and loopy... but hey it made the chemo and all that fun that goes with it bearable at the time.)

 I am going to physio and am now working on building up strength instead of just trying to stop losing it. 

I'm walking daily.

 I'm eating.


 Real, actual, food that tastes good and I eat with my mouth.

 Will wonders never cease?

Brandon was struggling the past few months. Lost a little weight and just wasn't eating well at all. At least 1 day, often 2 every week was spent at home, sleepy and barfy. Then a month ago we started him on tube feeds and Boost and we have a new child.

 He's still not eating much (eating is a LOT of work - when he is growing, or unwell, he stops eating simply because it takes more energy to eat the food, than he gets from it - so it stops being worth the work.) but the liquid nutrition is keeping him on track - he's not missed a day of school in 4 weeks! He's stronger, happier, more energetic, happier, healthier and happier...

 Much as the crunchy organic momma in me cringes at the manufactured nutrition - It's easy to put that aside when we I see him wake up with a smile instead of a wimpier.

 To wrap it up, Brandon was chosen by 'Catch-A-Dream', a charity out of Mississippi University, to go on an all-paid-for family trip to a fishing lodge! We will either be doing salmon in Alaska or catfish in Mississippi this summer and Brandon could not be happier!

It's an exciting time at our house.

 That said - I said none of this out loud... I don't quite trust karma just yet so lets keep it quiet k? ;)

Off to plan out our day - it will start with chemo and end with a new bike for Tyler - all around a good day in my books!